Friends in need

Jag och Michelle har en annons ute på Craigslist! Känns onekligen stort att vara en del av denna mäktiga gemenskap. Nu gäller det bara att få napp också. Here we go.

"Hello! We are two friends from Sweden planning to spend our Christmas holiday in San Francisco. We need a home. A room. A bed or sofa, or a big bed, or two sofas, or two beds or two sofas. We need a room for 2 where we can sleep. But without bugs. My name is Michelle, I'm 24 years old and I’m studying my last year at the department for Graphic design and Illustration at Konstfack in Stockholm. My friend Martin is 25 years old and, at the moment, works as a journalist for a weekly TV magazine here in Stockholm, but will soon move to Seattle to study some more.

We are both very friendly and open, funny and kind. We love movies and True Blood (on TV). We don’t smoke. We won’t be home much, if you don’t wont us to be there. We just need a room where we can sleep during the night and maybe drink coffee in the morning.

We have a pretty tight budget since we both are students, but can pay 350 US dollars / week. A place near Mission would be great, but we’re open to any location as long as it’s walking distance to something fun.

Music, art, movies, good wine, Internet, food, gay and straight, that’s us. If you have a room or something that looks like a room, please contact us. Or if you want to know more about us. We are happy to answer."

Och om någon vet något är det självklart fritt fram att tipsa. Här är en länk till annonsen.

Postat av: Kajsa

Hej gullet! Har ni fått svar på annonsen än?

2008-11-14 @ 17:28:40
Postat av: Martin

Vi har fått några svar, varav två extra intressanta! Nu håller vi tummarna för att allt ros i hamn.

2008-11-14 @ 20:50:49

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